Filing Arbitration Cases

Once an arbitrator issues an award, either an agency or a union may appeal the arbitrator's decision by filing an "exception" to the arbitrator's award with the Authority within 30 days.  Exceptions are filed with the Office of Case Intake and Publication.  The Authority's review of an arbitrator's award is very limited, and the grounds for appeal are specified in the Authority's Regulations and in the Authority's Guide to Arbitration.  Information that may be helpful in filing exceptions to an arbitrator's award is found in the Authority's Regulations, the Authority's Guide to Arbitration, and the Check List For Filing an Arbitration Appeal With The Authority.  We also encourage parties to take the FLRA's Web-based Comprehensive Arbitration Training that can be located on our Training page by clicking here.  In addition, the Authority provides forms for filing Exceptions to arbitrators' awards and Oppositions to Exceptions that are filed by the party opposing the Exceptions.  Specific questions about exceptions can be directed to the Office of Case Intake and Publication. Unless an unfair labor practice (ULP) is involved, the Authority's decision on an arbitrator's award is final and binding and may not be appealed to any court. Once an arbitrator's decision has become final and binding, the refusal of a party to comply with the award may constitute a ULP. In such situations, enforcement of the award may be accomplished by filing an ULP charge with an FLRA Regional Office.