The Statute: § 7118. Prevention of unfair labor practices

      (a)(1)     If any agency or labor organization is charged by any person with having engaged in or engaging in an unfair labor practice, the General Counsel shall investigate the charge and may issue and cause to be served upon the agency or labor organization a complaint. In any case in which the General Counsel does not issue a complaint because the charge fails to state an unfair labor practice, the General Counsel shall provide the person making the charge a written statement of the reasons for not issuing a complaint.

      (2)     Any complaint under paragraph (1) of this subsection shall contain a notice--

      (A)     of the charge;
      (B)     that a hearing will be held before the Authority (or any member thereof or before an individual employed by the authority and designated for such purpose); and
      (C)     of the time and place fixed for the hearing.

      (3)     The labor organization or agency involved shall have the right to file an answer to the original and any amended complaint and to appear in person or otherwise and give testimony at the time and place fixed in the complaint for the hearing.

      (4)(A)     Except as provided in subparagraph