The Panel resolves impasses between Federal agencies and unions representing Federal employees arising from negotiations over conditions of employment under the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute and the Federal Employees Flexible and Compressed Work Schedules Act. If bargaining between the parties, followed by mediation assistance, does not result in a voluntary agreement, either party or the parties jointly may request the Panel's assistance.  Following a preliminary investigation by its staff, the Panel may determine to assert jurisdiction over the request. If jurisdiction is asserted, the Panel has the authority to recommend and/or direct the use of various dispute resolution procedures.  These include informal conferences, additional mediation, fact finding, written submissions, and mediation-arbitration by Panel Members, the Panel's staff, or private arbitrators. If the parties still are unable to reach a voluntary settlement, the Panel may take whatever action it deems necessary to resolve the dispute, including the imposition of contract terms through a final action. The merits of the Panel's decision may not be appealed to any court.

The Panel consists of seven Presidential appointees who serve on a part-time basis, one of whom serves as Chair. The Foreign Service Impasse Disputes Panel consists of five members including a chair.

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FSIP Dispute Resolution Procedures Guide provides a more detailed explanation of the Panel's procedures.

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