eFiling System

The FLRA Case eFiling System currently provides an easy way to electronically file cases with the Authority -- the FLRA's three-Member adjudicatory body -- the Federal Service Impasses Panel, and the Office of the General Counsel.  Using the links below, you may also file Complaints with the FLRA's Inspector General (IG) electronically. The FLRA intends to expand its eFiling offerings in the coming months to allow parties to electronically file requests under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  

To get started, identify the type of case that you intend to file with the FLRA and click on the appropriate link below. First-time users of the Case eFiling System will be asked to create an account by registering in the system prior to filing a case. Once your account is approved by the FLRA (normally within one business day), you will receive an email notification and may proceed with filing your case. Please note that a case is not "filed" within the meaning of any regulatory or statutory time limits until all of the relevant case information requested by the system is completed and submitted -- registration in the Case eFiling System alone will not meet any time limits for filing a case.  For filers that have an existing account, the Case eFiling System will allow you to proceed directly to filing your case after logging in.

To file a case using the FLRA's Case eFiling System, click here<