Authority Case Processing During the Time the Authority Has One Member -- Questions and Answers (7/17/08)

July 17, 2008

Question: What is the current status of the Authority?

Answer: On July 14, 2008, Chairman Dale Cabaniss resigned as Chairman of the FLRA. Chairman Cabaniss had served nearly 11 years as a Member and, since 2001, the Chairman of the Authority. The Chairman’s departure leaves the Authority with one Member, Member Carol Waller Pope.

Question: Has the Authority ever had only one Member before?

Answer: Yes. The Authority had only one Member between November 1988 and September 1989. During this time, the Authority’s only Member was Chairman Jean McKee. The Authority gained a second Member in September 1989 with the appointment of Member Pamela Talkin.

Question: Does the Authority’s current status, with only one Member, affect the ability of parties to file cases with the Authority?

Answer: No. The provisions in the Statute and the Authority’s regulations concerning the filing of arbitration, negotiability, representation, and unfair labor practice cases with the Authority are not affected by the current composition of the Authority. The Authority’s Case Intake and Publication section will continue to accept such filings. For questions on filing procedures, parties can contact CIP directly at 202-218-7740. All documents filed or required to be filed under the Authority’s regulations should be filed with Case Intake and Publication, Federal Labor Relations Authority, Docket Room, Suite 201, 1400 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20424-0001.

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