Fiscal Year 1999 Annual Program Performance Report, Federal Labor Relations Authority.

Overview of FLRA


Pursuant to the Government Performance and Results Act, the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) developed a Strategic Plan that identifies goals, objectives and performance indicators for Fiscal Years (FY)1998-2002. The Strategic Plan enables FLRA to carry out responsibilities identified in the FLRA Mission Statement: "to exercise leadership under the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute to promote stable, constructive labor-management relations that contribute to a more effective Government."

The FLRA Strategic Plan includes four broad goals. They are: 1) providing high quality services that timely resolve disputes; 2) using alternative methods of dispute resolution and avoidance to reduce the costs of conflict; 3) maintaining internal systems that support programs needs -- notably information technology systems; and 4) developing FLRA staff to ensure an effective organization with the flexibility to meet program needs. Consistent with the FLRA Strategic Plan, FLRA developed its FY 1999 Annual Performance Plan which identifies 28 performance goals to implement the four Strategic Plan goals.

During FY 1999, FLRA fully met, or exceeded, 22 of the 28 performance goals (including one goal which was exceeded by 55%). Of the six goals not "fully" met, F