After the petition is filed: the post-petition conference

After the petition is filed, the Authority will fax to the parties a notice of a date and time of a conference that is called a "post-petition conference." This conference will usually be set within ten days of receipt of the petition for review. The Authority sets up the conference almost immediately after the petition is filed, which is why the union is asked to include in the petition the parties' names, telephone numbers and fax numbers. Post-filing conferences will normally be held by telephone, so the notice of the post-petition conference will include a toll-free number and instructions on how to make the call. The parties must participate in the telephone conference. If the designated union or agency representative is not available, another person should be chosen to handle the call. Changes in the date and time of the conference will not be made with any frequency. In those unusual circumstances where a change is needed, the request should be made to the Office of Case Intake and Publication at least five calendar days prior to the scheduled conference. Whoever participates for the union and agency must be prepared to talk about the contract proposal or provision. This means that the union has to be able to explain everything in its petition, and the agency has to be able to explain why it declared the matter non-negotiable. If the agency contends that it does not have to bargain about the contract proposal, regardless of its specific wording, it may raise that at the conference. The Authority representative will discuss the negotiability appeal in detail with the union and the agency during the post-petition conference. If the parties are interested in getting mediation or interest-based bargaining help from the Authority's alternative dispute resolution specialists, the case will be put on hold to give the parties time to get help from the Collaboration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (CADR) office of the FLRA. If the parties don't want to try alternative dispute resolution, the appeal process will proceed. The parties will be asked during the conference to provide any information that the Authority representative thinks is necessary or useful. The Authority representative will prepare a summary of the conference, send a copy to the parties, and file it in the official record.