The Statute: § 7105. Powers and duties of the Authority



      (a)(1)     The Authority shall provide leadership in establishing policies and guidance relating to matters under this chapter, and, except as otherwise provided, shall be responsible for carrying out the purpose of this chapter.

      (2)     The Authority shall, to the extent provided in this chapter and in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Authority--

      (A)     determine the appropriateness of units for labor organization representation under section 7112 of this title;
      (B)     supervise or conduct elections to determine whether a labor organization has been selected as an exclusive representative by a majority of the employees in an appropriate unit and otherwise administer the provisions of section 7111 of this title relating to the according of exclusive recognition to labor organizations;
      (C)     prescribe criteria and resolve issues relating to the granting of national consultation rights under section 7113 of this title;
      (D)     prescribe criteria and resolve issues relating to determining compelling need for agency rules or regulations under section 7117(b) of this title;
      (E)   &