Open Government

The FLRA is committed to the Government's goals of transparency, participation, and collaboration for the American population.  Consistent with this commitment, the FLRA has a Plain Language initiative, which includes our Plain Language web page that can be accessed by clicking here.

Our Plan:


The FLRA will provide citizens with current information about the case filings and closings in the various components of the agency.  The FLRA will also provide updated information on the number of open and closed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) cases.  In addition, the agency will provide current FLRA staffing information.  This data will be submitted by the FLRA to the project in an "open" format, and links will be provided to the data on this webpage.


The FLRA will continue to solicit advice from experts both inside and outside of government in the development or refinement of policies and procedures.  The FLRA has seen significant strides in its "engage the FLRA" project for incorporating the public's ideas into creative and proactive procedures.


The FLRA is committed to collaborating with the public and other government agencies and industry to find innovative ways to accomplish its mission.  The FLRA will continue to reach ou