Historical News & Documents: 2000

Carol Waller Pope Sworn in as New Authority Member -- 11/8/00

FLRA Components to Conduct Joint Training on Occasion of FSIP 30th Anniversary -- 11/7/00

Notice of Publication of the Guide to the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute -- 10/18/00

FLRA Debuts New and Improved Web Site -- 10/16/00

Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act (FAIR) Inventory of Commercial Activities (Fiscal Year 1999) -- supplemental letter submitted on 7/7/00

21st Annual Report (Fiscal Year 2000) -- submitted to the President on 3/30/00

Notice (press release) of Opportunity to Attend Focus Group Meeting and/or Submit Written Comments Regarding the Quality of the Authority's Written Decisions and the Measures for Assessing That Quality - June 20, 2000

General Counsel Issues Guidance on Seeking Remedies for Unfair Labor Practices under the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute -- 5/8/00

Fiscal Year 1999 Annual Program Performance Report, Federal Labor Relations Authority, March 2000

FSIP Plans Roundtable Dialogue in Los Angeles -- 4/11/00

New Director of FLRA Collaboration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Office Named -- 3/31/00

The ULP Case Processing Manual is now available for sale from the Government Printing Office. (Submitted 3/6/00)

Subscription to the printed version of the Unfair Labor Practice Case Handling Manual, with supplementary material

SLIDE SHOW -- Labor Relations Issues in the New Millennium (Submitted by the Office of the General Counsel -- February 2000)

Bench Decisions Expedite Litigation of Unfair Labor Practice Cases -- 2/15/00

President Clinton Names Donald S. Wasserman as Chair of the Federal Labor Relations Authority -- 2/8/00

Public Information Requests -- for the Period October 1, 1998 through September 30, 1999 (submitted in January 2000)

President Clinton Names Bonnie Prouty Castrey as Chair and David J. Leland as Member of The Federal Service Impasses Panel --1/12/00

General Counsel Issues New Unfair Labor Practice Case Handling Manual -- 1/6/00

20th Annual Report (Fiscal Year 1998) -- submitted to the President on 9/16/99