Historical News & Documents: 1997

FLRA Appoints New Director of Collaboration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Office -- 12/15/97

DALE Cabaniss Sworn In as New Authority Member -- 12/15/97

The Authority Invites Comments on Unfair Labor Practice Proceedings -- 11/21/97

Richard I. Bloch Named as a Member of the Foreign Service Labor Relations Board -- 9/30/97

OGC Substantially Reduces Inventory of Over-age Unfair Labor Practices Cases -- 9/8/97

FLRA Issues Final Version of Unfair Labor Practice Regulations -- 7/31/97

General Counsel Issues Pre-Decisional Involvement Policy -- 7/15/97

General Counsel Issues Facilitation, Intervention, Training and Education Policy -- 6/18/97

FLRA Invites Comments on Representation Issues -- 6/16/97

Thomas R. Colosi and David W. Geiss Appointed as Members of the Foreign Service Impasses Disputes Panel -- 6/6/97

FSIP Invites Customers to Roundtable Discussion in San Francisco -- 6/3/97

FLRA Issues Proposed Revisions to Unfair Labor Practice Proceedings -- 6/3/97

FLRA Member Tony Armendariz Resigns -- 3/18/97

General Counsel Issues Representation Case Handling Manual -- 3/12/97

General Counsel Issues Guidance on the Impact of Collective Bargaining Agreements on the Duty to Bargain and Other Statutory Rights -- 3/5/97

FLRA Launches WEB Site -- 2/28/97

Stanley M. Fisher and Gilbert Carrillo Reappointed as Members of the Federal Service Impasses Panel -- 2/5/97

FLRA General Counsel Issues Representation Petition Quality Policy and Time Goals -- 2/3/97

General Counsel Issues Guidance on the Duty of Fair Representation -- 1/27/97