About the Forms

These forms are templates that are intended to help parties file complete, accurate, and timely negotiability appeals with the Authority. The forms are optional. They provide a convenient format to organize the information required by the Authority's regulations for negotiability filings. 5 CFR 2424.22-26. The template forms can be saved to your computer or pasted into word processing documents. They were created in a format that is compatible with a variety of word-processing software, including recent versions of WordPerfect and Microsoft Word. If you cannot use the forms in this manner on your computer, copies of the forms are available through the Office of Case Intake and Publication.

Once you have imported this template into your document, you can add any amount of information or commentary to the form. You can also delete questions that are not relevant to your dispute. When using the form in this manner, you should be careful not to delete or change relevant questions.


Print out the entire form before typing anything. Then, after completing the form, check with the original printed version to assure that all necessary information has been included.

Downloading (or saving) forms that are on the Internet and opening forms with your word processor is very similar to editing any other word processing document. 


If the Union Petition relates to a contract proposal that was in negotiations, but had not been agreed to by the Agency, then use these