General Counsel Kiko Announces Second Offering of Statutory Training Program (3/22/07)

March 22, 2007

General Counsel Kiko Announces
Second Offering of Statutory Training Program

General Counsel Colleen Duffy Kiko announced today the second offering of the Office of General Counsel’s nation-wide statutory training program. This announces the dates for the 3rd quarter of the fiscal year.

This program is consistent with the Office of General Counsel’s commitment to offer training programs on rights and obligations under the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute. General Counsel Kiko believes that education is a valuable tool in promoting healthy labor-management relations programs in the federal sector.

The Regional Offices will be presenting the training program regularly. The training program is intended to replace the past practice of staff traveling to various cities to meet the many and varied ad hoc training requests of labor organizations and agencies. It is free to all participants. The one-day session is a Basic Statutory Training program and consists of classroom instruction, case exercises, and interactive discussions. More advanced training courses are being contemplated.

Participants should register for the training by emailing a completed registration form to the appropriate Regional Office listed below or by downloading and faxing the form to that office. Registration is not complete until you receive a confirmation email or notice from the Regional Office. Attendees will be responsible for their own travel, per diem, and meal expenses. As space is limited, early regis