General Counsel Kiko Announces Newly-Developed Statutory Training Program (1/10/07)

January 10, 2007

General Counsel Kiko Announces
Newly-Developed Statutory Training Program

General Counsel Colleen Duffy Kiko announced today the development of a unified, nation-wide statutory training program to be presented in the upcoming year. This announcement comes after a long process of reviewing existing training programs, assessing their strengths and weaknesses, and drawing on the expertise of the Regional Offices to develop a thorough and current program.

This new program is consistent with the long tradition of offering training programs on the rights and obligations under the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute. General Counsel Kiko believes that education is a tool that can be useful in promoting healthy labor-management relations programs in the federal sector.

The training program will be presented regularly at the Regional Offices. This is intended to replace the past practice of staff traveling to various cities to meet the many and varied ad hoc training requests of labor organizations and agencies. It is a more focused, regular, and predictable schedule. The training is free to all participants. The one-day training program will provide a Basic Statutory Training program and will consist of classroom instruction, case exercises, and interactive discussions. More advanced training courses are being contemplated.

Parties may register for the training with one of the Regional Offices listed below. Attendees will be responsible for their own travel, per diem, and meal expenses. As space is limited, early registration is recommended.

The first training schedule is attached. Updates and further information will be posted to the FLRA website at throughout the year, as appropriate.

Any other specific requests for training by labor organizations or agencies outside of this program should be directed to

Boston Regional Office:
February 13, 2007 - Location: 1st Floor Conference Room, 10 Causeway Street,
Boston, MA 02222.

For registration information, please contact:
Richard Zaiger, Regional Director
Federal Labor Relations Authority
Boston Region
10 Causeway Street, Suite 472
Boston, MA 02222
OFFICE: (617) 565-5100
FAX: (617) 565-6262

Denver Regional Office:
February 21, 2007 – Location: U.S. Geological Survey Auditorium, Federal Center,
Bldg. 810, Lakewood, CO 80228.

For registration information, please contact:
Matthew Jarvinen, Regional Director
Federal Labor Relations Authority
Denver Region
1244 Speer Boulevard, Suite 100
Denver, CO 80204
OFFICE: (303) 844-5224
FAX: (303) 844-2774

Dallas Regional Offi