Acting General Counsel Announces Availability of Case Processing Manuals (4/9/01)

PR 106-01
April 9, 2001

Contact: Harold Kessler


The Acting General Counsel of the Federal Labor Relations Authority, David L. Feder, today announced the availability on subscription service of several revised case handling manuals through the Government Printing Office. These manuals provide comprehensive guidance to Regional Agents and the parties in processing, resolving, and investigating unfair labor practice charges and representation petitions under the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute (Statute).

The Litigation Manual was revised to provide current guidance on each aspect of the trial process -- from the Regional Director's issuance of a complaint and notice of hearing to the Authority's decision and order. This Manual contains references to relevant case law and OGC policy, and provides examples of litigation techniques.

The Representation Case Handling Manual was revised to provide current procedural and operational guidance in the processing of representation petitions. This Manual provides information on pre-filing assistance available to the parties, the filing of petitions, and the investigation and resolution of representation case matters.

The Hearing Officer's Guide was revised to provide current procedural and operational guidance on conducting hearings in FLRA representation proceedings. Information is provided on preparing for and conducting hearings, evidentiary and procedural issues, and employee categories.

The Representation Case Law Guid