General Counsel Issues Guidance on Seeking Remedies for Unfair Labor Practices under the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute

PR 107-00
May 8, 2000

Contact: Patty Reilly

The General Counsel of the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA), Joseph Swerdzewski, today issued guidance to the FLRA Regional Directors regarding remedies for unfair labor practices under the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute. The Guidance discusses the General Counsel's policy on seeking appropriate remedies and describes the types of remedies and the elements of proof that are necessary to obtain those remedies. The Guidance aids the Regional Directors in investigating, settling and litigating unfair labor practice charges. It is also intended to assist parties in providing evidence and arguments concerning the appropriate remedy to an unfair labor practice charge.

"By understanding the types of remedies available and the evidence necessary to establish the appropriateness of those remedies, the Regions and the parties will be better suited to resolve unfair labor practice complaints and, if litigation is necessary, make cogent arguments based on relevant evidence as to the appropriateness of those remedies" said General Counsel Swerdzewski. "With the recent increase in ULP litigation, and the evolutionary development of the concept of nontraditional remedies, it is imperative that the Regions, and the parties, are aware of not only the variety of possible remedies, but also the type of evidence that is necessary t